Through the EMERGING TOWARDS (FUTURE) project, WASP STUDIOS aims to develop a sustainable infrastructure for research, artistic production and cultural education, as well as to broaden access to contemporary art, architecture, design and new media activities. It aims to facilitate information and education for young people who wish to pursue a career or professionally discover these cultural segments.

Our mission is to support people who wish to work in this medium regardless of geographical location, gender, ethnicity, social condition, experience and education. Through two-way outreach, cross-disciplinary arts education, contemporary research and creation, public presentations, professional development and cultural entrepreneurship, we will investigate and seek to break the barriers that block access to culture.


What kind of world do we leave behind us?

The development of the project aims to offer professional support to young people through specially designed events that have started from our vision of achieving a sustainable future that values and supports cultural diversity. Thus, EMERGING TOWARDS (FUTURE) is dedicated to the infrastructure dedicated to contemporary arts, and in particular the performing arts and derived hybrid forms, as these, of all forms of artistic expression, have the greatest vulnerability to the effects of resource crises and underfunding.

WASP STUDIOS will create a creative hub dedicated to alternative creative forms, through which it will facilitate new productions and local adaptation of the “DIORAMA” creation coordinated by Norwegian partner Ingri Fiksdal. Within the creative hub there will also be an 18-month curatorial programme, including activities such as: multidisciplinary artistic creation, public presentations, a bilateral conference and a cultural entrepreneurship programme targeting both specialists in the field and the new generation.

Based on the idea of education as the main factor in understanding cultural diversity and developing critical thinking, the activities are designed to create the optimal context for the exchange of ideas and experiences and the circulation of information between related media.

More information:

Project promoter: WASP STUDIOS SRL

Project partners: Fiksdal Dans Stiftelse, Cristian Ștefănescu Architect

Total project value: 978.118,21 lei (197.675,51 euro)

Amount of non-reimbursable funding (85% EEA grant and 15% national budget): 978.118,21 lei (197.675,51 euro)

Duration: 18 months

Location of implementation: Bucharest (Romania) and Bergen (Norway)