Residency opportunity for all artists | EMERGING TOWARDS (FUTURE)

WASP STUDIOS in partnership with FIKSDAL DANS STIFTELSE Foundation from Oslo and architect Cristian Ștefănescu (a-works), is offering a residency apportunity for artists who want to explore the fields of art – architecture – ecology within the project “EMERGING TOWARDS (FUTURE)”.

🟨 The residency will take place in Bucharest, at WASP-Working Art Space and Production, for a duration of six weeks, starting in July. Participants are invited to submit a project proposal based on the idea: art as a vehicle for architecture and ecology.

🟨 An additional criterion for projects is the integration of a participatory element that involves the community in the artistic creation process and promotes cultural and social exchange.

Proposals should be submitted along with a CV and portfolio at Email subject line: EMERGING TOWARDS (FUTURE).

🟨 The residency is open to all artists who are proficient in English and active in the contemporary artistic field. Following the evaluation of the proposals, the selected artists will receive an artist fee among other benefits such as equipment and technical staff costs, work space and personalised curatorial support throughout the production process.

Developed together with partners FIKSDAL DANS STIFTELSE (Oslo) and CRISTIAN STEFANESCU ARCHITECT (a-works), EMERGING TOWARDS (FUTURE) aims to develop sustainable infrastructure for research, artistic production and cultural education, as well as broadening access to contemporary art, architecture, design and new media activities. Also, the purpose of this initiative is to break the barriers that stand in the way of access to culture.



Producer: WASP Working Art Space and Production

Partners: Fundația Fiksdal Dans Stiftelse, CRISTIAN STEFANESCU ARCHITECT (a-works | architecture + art)